Friday, August 16, 2013

Styled: Denim on Denim

Well, all in good taste.

This is what we don't want 

But let's be honest, no one will commit this fashion faux pas ever again. 

I think I found the following picture on Pinterest but I'm not entirely sure, so I apologize for not crediting the right person.

This is a better way to wear denim on denim

Shorts: Gianni Bini
Shirt: Westbound
Shoes: Chinese Laundry 

Where's my fedora?? JK, I don't have one. Chambray is continuing to be a trend this fall and can be a great transition piece for your wardrobe. Here it's being paired with shorts and my Chinese Laundry sandals, because it's still August and you can't tell but I just got a fresh pedi with a friend! The Georgia Clemson game is in a few weeks, so of course I got Georgia Red! But back to the fall approaches, this outfit can be worn with your favorite pair of boots! :-)

Styled: Feminine Leather

Recently I went to a wedding of two dear friends and this was my outfit.

The dress: Gianni Bini
Purse, shoes, and watch: Michael Kors (obsessed!) 
Necklace: Ana & Ava 
All can be purchased at a Dillard's near you or online. 

Leather is one of the top trends right now and although I wouldn't normally consider myself a leather person, I was in love with this dress when it first came in. The illusion dress (shorter skirt with longer illusion layer) is another hot trend. I think the femininity of the illusion skirt tones down the leather top. I loved dancing in this and felt a combination of rockstar and girly girl. 

I used to never succumb to what I thought were major fashion no-nos: black & blue or black & brown/gold. But thankfully I've realized I was limiting my closet and have broken those old rules! Because the skirt on this dress is a tan color I felt the brown luggage colored MK bag was perfect. The wedding was a few hours away so it was also big enough to hold all my essentials without toting a tote. And the MK shoes were so very comfortable! Towards the end of the night my feet began to hurt, but that's only because this was my first time wearing them and I had stopped dancing! I need to hem the dress a bit but the heels are a great height to wear anytime.

I wore my hair up at the suggestion of an old college roommate in order to show off the neck & necklace. I had intended to wear a low elegant bun, buy my ends weren't cooperating and so I left it in a ponytail with the bangs down.