Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Styled: The Polo Match

Dress: Anny Taylor Loft
Clutch: Grandma's hand-me-down

Last Fall my Dad took me to my first Polo Match! I like fancy things and was so excited to go to TimberRock's first Polo Match. The biggest question of all - WHAT TO WEAR?! Sundays in October in the South can be either hot or have a slight chill in the air, so deciding on what to wear was not easy. Our tickets were in the Owner's tent which added pressure on me to wear the right dress. I had recently bought this dress from Ann Taylor Loft and couldn't wait to wear it. I was a little hot in the long sleeves but the weight of the fabric was light enough not to bother me that much. The only thing missing was a big, fancy hat! My clutch was one of my grandmother's before she passed. She would have loved going to a Polo match :-) We were actually standing on red carpet! I felt so famous! HaHa!

Adding a belt gave this sheath dress a silhouette, but I also wear it with a big chunky necklace and no belt.

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