Thursday, October 17, 2013

Featured: Baby Throwback

Here's to my first Throwback Thursday blog post! 

Those curls! Why is it so much work for me to have curls now? Haha
Anyway, lets look at that we say peplum, or ruffles?
And plaid. 
And a turtleneck, with puppies in love. 
Baby girl got style! 

We think this is from my older brother's 5th birthday! (He just turned 26 this month!) Not sure if the family portrait was taken at our house with a backdrop, or if Mom decided to dress us like this again for the picture. At least we all have on some red?? 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Styled: Easy, Breezy

Skirt: hi-lo hemline by I.N. Studio (
Necklace: Ana & Ava (
Jean Jacket: American Eagle
Basic white tee-shirt/tank

This was my go-to outfit for the summer. Anytime I had to travel but still wanted to look put-together, this outfit was it. I would mix up the jewelry and then shoes to compliment the jewelry. When I flew to NYC this past spring I chose this outfit for the airport - slide off the sandals and remove the jacket - easy, breezy!

Another way to make this an easy outfit? It takes me forever to dry and straighten my hair, so for this look I just put some goop in my hair and wielded the blow dryer. :-)