Saturday, December 14, 2013

Featured: Hunter Boots

I just had to do a post on my Hunters. They are my babies. If I could wear them all day every day I would and I'd even wear them in my sleep! My sister turned me on to these because of their color. Tiffany blue/green is MY color. I think everyone needs a signature color, or two, or three. (Remember my pink on pink on purple post?) As excited as I was when she emailed the link to me, I was way less excited when I couldn't find them anywhere in America - which she had warned me about. So I found a company in Europe ( and got on their email list and waited. A few months later I woke up to an email with 25% off code inside. I couldn't contain my excitement! And the day they came in was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one! My babies had arrived safely and more perfect than I could have imagined!

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