Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 - The Year of the Blog

With the New Year having arrived faster than I would have liked, I think its time to start on my resolutions. There are only two, which will {hopefully} allow me to achieve some other personal goals!

1. Wake up early
2. Go to sleep early.

Seems simple enough, right? ha! A year and a half after graduation I sometimes still feel like my clock is on college schedule. Working in retail means I go to work a little bit later than when in my office job, and I get off later as well. And this has thrown my sleeping habits out the window!

One of the other personal goals I have is making this Blog a priority. I have plenty of time off in the mornings to accomplish this goal - if I can just get out of bed! I already have several new ideas for the blog so bare with me as I rearrange old posts or even re-edit some to make them fit into the new blog.

If you've made Resolutions, I hope you're sticking to them!
Happy New Year!

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