Friday, January 10, 2014

Featured: Two Apps to Never Shop Without

Lets be honest, we all have a dream closet board. But do you often forget things you've pinned when you go shopping? Pinterest is available for iPhones & iPads so you can take it with you when you shop your favorite stores. Also, don't forget to look in your closet to see if you already have pieces to make your Pinterest outfits. Check out Sheaffer's Blog for examples on looking in your closet after looking at Pinterest. She inspired me to really look at the clothes in my closet & I realized some of my pinned outfits were already there! 

Speaking of your closet, how would you like to take your closet shopping with you?!?! With the StyleBook App you can! 
I'm obsessed with this app! No seriously, I am. Its addicting to add your own clothes and create outfits. Put your clothes into outfits that look like they came from Pinterest or Polyvore. It allows you keep track of each item in your wardrobe, add inspirational looks, and track which outfits you wore every day! You can even search your favorite brands, and shop through the app! 

When I go shopping, I look at my Pinterest board for inspiration and then look at my StyleBook closet to see what pieces I'm missing. I've been able to create many Pinterest outfits using these apps & inspiration from the blog mentioned above.

Happy Shopping :-) 

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