Thursday, April 10, 2014

Featured: Butter London Scrubbers

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I recently ordered two new make-up brushes from Ulta and got a few goodies in the box! I love freebies but a lot of times they aren't anything I'm interested in right now (maybe at 24 I should be trying anti-aging creams or over-night repair serums, but I'm not). Ulta, however, sent one of my new favorite products. When I travel, I generally take one-three nail polishes with me, on the off chance that I'll have time to let my nails dry long enough not to smudge. But I hate packing liquid nail polish remover because it takes up some room, smells, bad. I was a little skeptical as to if one little scrubber pad would really remove the nail polish off all 10 nails. Normally I have to use a few cotton rounds, so like I said, I was REALLY skeptical.

Y'all, these things work! ONE SCRUBBER for ALL 10 NAILS!!! I couldn't believe it didn't go dry or tear. Granted I didn't have on a dark polish, but I did have on a bottom coat, a few color coats, and a top coat - it all came off! They come in a box of 10/$10 but I use top/bottom coats to help my polish last so this seems like a great deal to me. And for traveling purposes they're perfect - YES, thank you Ulta!!

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