Wednesday, October 29, 2014

LOFT Shopping Spree

Last Wednesday my roommates - E & J - went to a concert. 
LOFT had a sale. 
I had time. 

It becomes really hard for me to say no to a LOFT sale when it's as good as this one was. {Sorry that this post is after the sale is over} They had 50% off full price items & 40% off sale items. Earlier in the month I paid $25 for a LOFTcares card which would give me 25% off my purchase of $100 if I used my LOFT card. I had been saving a $20 reward card for a 'rainy day'. Y'all, I got $261.89 of clothes for $78.20. Yes, you read that right!

I don't use coupons when I grocery shop, but I do try to use them when I shop for clothes or at Michael's/Hobby Lobby, really anything other than groceries (which I need to start doing).

So here's what I got. 

Seems like not a lot for $262, but for $79, I'll take that every day...literally, I probably would buy LOFT everyday. 

We'll start with the basics on the front row. I love LOFT's "Live LOFT" t-shirts (they are the ones that say 'live LOFT' on the inside & are tag-less). I was sad to hear that the white & black were all they had left, so I had to have them. 
Originally $19.50 - I paid $7.31 a piece. 

The next are these Opaque tights. I have never bought any from LOFT and couldn't pass up the deal. I can't wait to try these! 
Originally $14.50 - I paid $5.44

I sent a text to my mom & sister saying I was going shopping, but that I was mainly looking for navy dress pants. I was getting frustrated because they didn't have my normal size and style in navy. I was wearing the size & style I wanted in black, but they didn't carry it in navy. But always, always ask an associate for help! They SHOULD know the product and I've always received lots of help at LOFT. It took some trying on of different styles, sizes, & lengths, but finally! I normally wear 'Julie' or 'curvy' fit and it just depends - petite or regular. The black ones were Julie regular...I got the navy ones in Marisa Petite
Originally $69.50 (almost what I paid for EVERYTHING) - I paid $26.07 

The next two items might be my favorite! I've already worn the pink sweatshirt twice! Ever since jeweled sweatshirts became popular, I wanted to try them. The tan one is a little more delicate, and I haven't worn it yet, but I like it a lot. It has just enough on it to keep it dressy. 

Originally (sold out online) 

My mom always says 'don't go out dressed frumpy, you never know who you'll meet.' But I love sweatshirts. This is one of two new LOFT ones that I love. They have something extra that makes them dressier than regular sweatshirts, but still just as comfortable! 

This one I LOVE. Seriously. 
I was a little worried about the placement of some of the beads, but they don't bother me as much as I thought they would. 

Originally $69.50 (on sale 40% off online!!) - I paid $26.07 

Here are a few more LOFT items I'm loving right now

Jeweled Sweatshirt - 50% off No Code Needed 
Amour Sweatshirt - on sale & extra 50% off! 
Flocked Dot Sweatshirt - a little on sale & 50% off! 
      - I might have to buy this one! They were out of my size at the store. Mix and Match Mama did a post on it and I knew I needed it. 

I hope y'all enjoyed this post - different than normal, but maybe more to come! 

Stay Fashionate!! 

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