Thursday, October 16, 2014

Valley Life: Working in The Valley

I had been in Atlanta only a few days, but was already getting discouraged with job hunting. I had met with a recruiter & spent hours updating my resume & LinkedIn profile. Talk about fun - but I did move to a new city without a job, so it had to be done. 

But let's back up a minute. I decided in May to make the move in August. My plan had been to start really job hunting in late June! interview in July, and be ready to start as soon as I moved. Sounds good right? And the best part, one of my guy friends from UGA worked at a staffing agency and offered to help! Everything seemed to be lining up perfectly. To make a long story short, my grandpa passed away at the beginning of June, so I got a little distracted, oh and I have a small pride issue, and thought I could get myself a job on my own. 

After submitting application after application after application online, I decided I would meet with  recruiter from a different agency than the one where my friend worked. Why? Back to pride. That and I told my roommates I didn't want to put pressure on my friendship with him, but really it was pride. They say getting a job is all about who you know, and I said 'watch me.'

So, how did I get my current job - 9 days after moving to Atlanta? Lightning struck. No, seriously. It was a crazy, stormy Thursday. One roommate (J) & I had just arrived home to find out that a tree. In our front yard had been struck by lightning! My other roommate's (E) car was sitting right under the tree. We made her come home from her date, sorry E!, because we didn't have a spare car key. With the big storm came a power outage - at least at our house. E's BF was kind enough to invite us over to his place while we waited for the power to come back on. Guess who lives with E's BF? My friend who works for a staffing agency. See what God did there? Had to actually use a lightning bolt to get my attention. 

But that's not where the story ends. We made s'mores (just throwing that in there to keep you interested!), I love s'mores. And then my friend proceeded to tell me about a job I might be interested in. We talked about it for a bit, but I was tired of talking about jobs. So on Friday morning we talked again, and he mentioned that they had already sent 2 people to interview. We'll guess what! Neither of those 2 people got the job, so he helped me fix my resume, and Saturday morning he emailed me to see if I wanted to interviewed.

I interviewed Monday AM, got the call at 4pm, took the job, and started Tuesday, August 12 at 8:30am.

I know that was kind of a long, drawn out story. But it's all true. Lightning was needed to get my attention, lightning. If that didn't knock down my pride, I don't know what would have. 

I haven't posted about fashion in a while. But I will again soon, until then Stay Fashionate! 

(This is after GA Power came at 12am, not to turn on power, but to saw off limbs & block of four driveway) 

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