Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weekend Review: October 18 & 19

Finally enjoyed a full weekend in Atlanta for the first time in four weeks, that's right, a whole month! And considering I've only lived here for 2.5 months, that's a good chunk spent away from my new home. Here's a few things I enjoyed this relaxing weekend!

Happy 25th Birthday, Season! (Romper: LOFT on sale now!)

If you ever have the chance to see a show at the Georgia Theatre - go! It is so Athens, and I love it! 

Sunday was spent learning how to html code (which I'm not using on this post - still learning!)

I love fresh flowers & I really love that jar of just baby's breath! 

Finally put out my fall dishes! Thanks J & E for letting me set our table! 

I also have these totally adorable acorn bowls (no longer available - Turkey pattern similar)! Eating one of my favorite meals out of it made me even happier! (recipe to come)

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