Saturday, November 29, 2014

#StyleMeNovember Challenge (Days 16-18)

Day 16: Makes Me Feel Lady Like

Wearing baby pink in the fall still makes me feel all girly, and lady-like.

Sweater: WhiteHouse BlackMarket
Top: Gianni Bini (long sleeve top, similar color - Gianni Bini
Leggings: E.C.I (similar)

Day 17: Blue Moon
(this is a horrible photo, I apologize)
Navy Sweater Dress: LOFT (similar - multiple colors, and on sale!)

Day 18: Colorful Gams 

I am soo sad that LOFT doesn't carry these "Color Pop Skinny" pants anymore. I should have bought them in every color when I had the chance. But who knows that 2 years later they would still be a favorite pair? So I had lost a little bit of weight right after college and these were the first pair of pants I had ever remember buying that were under a size 8 (when I graduated college I was wearing 10s and 12s at LOFT, and these are a 6!)
 They hit perfectly at the ankle to wear with flats or heels. LOFT please bring them back!! 
See zero results. So sad. 

Also, I just bought those Nine West heels from TJ Maxx & had to change out of them at lunch. They were killing my toes! Guess I just need to keep breaking them in. But aren't they super cute! I've been wanting some pointed toe heels and flats, and I just love the look of these. They aren't listed on the TJMaxx website, so check your local stores! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#StyleMeNovember Challenge (Days 13-15)

Day 13: School Girl Prep

A Tee, a cardigan, and a statement necklace...always a good idea
All from older LOFT (thats the problem with "Shopping Your Closet", its older stuff) 
This Cuffed Cotton Tee is the perfect update to the basic T-Shirt 
The new Relaxed Cardigan has the same neckline as mine, but cute little pockets on front! 
I can't find a similar necklace. 

Day 14: What's in Your Bag

This will be a post all its own, but here are my two current go-to bags! 

My Michael Kors Hamilton (color: Luggage) & Jessica Simpson handbags are my classic staple bags. You can see them in other posts here & here

Day 15: Oversized Chic
Its Saturday in Athens! 

Y'all Saturday was cold, cold, cold! These were the same NYDJ I wore in Kentucky just last weekend. My legs weren't cold at all last weekend. Granted the KY game was at noon and this game was at 7:15, but I thought these would still keep me warm. 
Two blankets & 3 jackets later we moved our tailgate inside. 
Those boots, also, not warm. My toes, even in double layers of socks, were frozen. 
I love this oversized sweater from WhiteHouse BlackMarket that, if I remember correctly, was given to me years and years ago by my Granddaddy. Good taste, right? It did have a fur collar but I removed it. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friday Favorites: Videos!

"I'm all about that Baste, 'bout that Baste, more Butter"
This family has made several parody videos that have gone viral. This is a good one! 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Taylor Swift Lip-Syncs Her Own Song!
Do you 'act out' or 'role play' while singing to songs on the radio? I definitely do, and so does TSwift! 

Here's the Actual Music Video for "Blank Space" and its amazing. 
Seriously, #BlackSpaceExperience is a real thing. 

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday

I didn't think I'd ever do a post with that as the title, but today is the perfect day for me to brag a little on one of my role models. Many years ago this lady was just a little over a year old when she became a big sister for the first time. She was already a little sister herself, but now she was the big sister. She never really cared for baby dolls and make believe, all about reality (didn't mean to make that rhyme).  

(quality family vacation)
Through high school she was the over-all best athlete, class president, and valedictorian, and she made her little sister proud. 

In 2006 she became a college cheerleader and made her little sister prouder.  An athlete and an athletic training major was too hard for many people to even be allowed to do, but 4 years later she graduated and was headed off to grad school. And her little sister was proud. 

During her time in grad school she got engaged! Her little sister couldn't have been more excited. 

(engagement party)
(I made her take this with me, haha) 
Three years ago, today, November 19th, she got married. And her little sister was the proudest she'd ever been. Seriously, she and her husband may want to re-live that day, but her little sister would do it all over again, too! (and their Mom!) 

(the day we got her dress! - Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta!)
(Wedding Day!! credit: Van Sullivan Photography)
She finished grad school, passed her boards, and took a job offer close to home. The little sister was thrilled. Years of being hours apart were over. 

This past April she told her little sister that she would soon be an aunt. Her little sister cried; she was way too excited. Over the summer she told her little sister that she was going to have a niece! Wait, no, a nephew!! 

(It's a Girl! No, its a Boy!!)

As this lady and her husband celebrate 3 years of marriage, they will be welcoming a son at any moment. Her little sister couldn't be excited and proud to watch her big sister become a mom. 

(at their best friends' wedding)
(best friends married best friends!)
 **also these 4 should be models or something**
Most have probably figured out by now that I'm talking about the most self-less person I know. My big sister, Amanda. Being her real life baby doll wasn't always 'fair' but I was always (and still am) well taken care of by her. 
(still one of my favorites) 

Moo & Austin, I can't wait to meet your little one! (who knows he could be here as soon as I post this). But I couldn't be more proud of y'all than I am. Love y'all so much!! 
-Little Sister, Oop. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#StyleMeNovember Challenge (Days 10-12)

Day 10: Queen of Hearts 

For a girl born on Valentine's Day, one would think I would have a lot of 'heart' stuff, but I don't. So I drank my coffee all day from my birthday mug! But here is also what I wore on Monday :-) 

Shirt & Top Both from LOFT

This was also the day I finally got Southern Weddings Volume 7! How pretty is that cover! [Hint: the inside is just as gorgeous - you should go buy one :-)]

Day 11: Something Shimmers 

I was a little worried I'd look too much like I was ready for the holiday season, but the roomie J convinced me it was too holiday-y yet. 

Skirt: Gianni Bini 
Sweater: LOFT (way old)
Tights: LOFT (see previous post

Day 12: Sealed with a Kiss 

This one made me a little uncomfortable. I've had braces 3x and jaw surgery, so I'm a little self-concious about my teeth. But once I was through all of the braces' mess, I wanted to experiment with bolder lip colors. My spring/summer color is Clinique "Baby Buff" I've been wearing it off & on since the day I started wearing make-up the summer before my freshman year of high school. This color is Clinique's "Pink Truffle" and its just bold enough for me! I wear their "Grapefruit" lipgloss year round. 

Dress: LOFT (remember when I wore it to my first Polo match?!)
Heels: MK Michael Kors. These are my fave
I'm hesitant to recommend a similar pair in case they're not as comfy, but here ya go! 

**You will notice most of my clothes are from LOFT. I believe in their quality & they ALWAYS have a sale!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites: Finding Joy in the Everyday

This quote: from an Etsy shop. We talked about this at Passion City Church - The Grove on Monday, and its such a great reminder! 

This planner: Emily Ley Simplified Planner (basically the whole shop). I put the planner on my Christmas list. 
Hint, hint - Momma :-) 

Emily Ley

These Veterans: Daddy & his dad, "Big Buddy", and a letter from my great grandfather to my grandma from the war. 

This city skyline: every night after work. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#StyleMeNovember Challenge (Days 7-9)

Day 7: "A Steal of a Sale"

I was traveling this day, so I just wore some comfy clothes, and don't remember what they all cost. 

See my Loft Shopping Spree post for my most recent steals! 

Day 8: Falling for Florals 

I spent this weekend in Kentucky for the UGA/KY football game. I don't have anything red & black floral. But when I think of fall florals, I think of deep pink-reds. 

(do those bushes count for my florals?)

Leggings: NYDJ - these are the BEST! Seriously, they're super thick, and I my legs weren't cold all day. They don't ride up, so no camel toe! Most people don't even realize they're technically leggings. I wear them with heels too! This could be my 'Steal of a Sale' because they were originally $98, but I got them on sale and then with my employee discount when I worked in retail. Also, people think I'm too young to wear NYDJ (Not Your Daughter's Jeans), but these are amazing! And they slim you down!! They're a little expensive, but wear them 10x (which I have) and you get your money's worth! 
Vest: LOFT - a few years old (this is similar - I do like Jack by BB Dakota)

My cousin graduated from UGA 2 years before me - when we were little, people thought we were the same person...crazy! 

This is my big brother. He has taught me everything I know about any sport you can think of. My whole family stays updated on all sports - did you know that the Vancouver Whitecaps sometimes play soccer in Charleston, SC? nope, but I do thanks to Clarke. 

Oh he was also in Souther Weddings Magazine recently! I was already anticipating this new issue coming out, and then I realized it was the magazine he was in! 

(thats him, playing the cello, but don't try to hire him for your wedding - he doesn't actually play haha!)


Day 9: Polka Dots & Plaids

I struggled with this a bit. I had to borrow the shirt from my roommate J. And the shoes were added after I got home from KY, because that is when I realized they went together. HA! 

Shoes: Payless

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites

A few favorites...

These Cups: 

Operation Christmas Child - one of my favorite childhood memories is filling these boxes for children overseas. Earlier this year we thought my sister was having a girl, but she's having a boy. Oh how I loved that little girl I thought was going to be my neice. (Don't worry I'm so excited about my nephew!) 
So I packed this box for a little girl, and have fallen in love with her although I will probably never meet her. (

These yarn colors: Picked out some Christmas yarn for a surprise project! 

These scents: Bath & Body Works

**pardon the formatting, I'm mobile-blogging**

Thursday, November 6, 2014

#StyleMeNovember Challenge (Days 3-6)

Day 3: Sailor Stripes 

Shirt: Cremieux @ Dillards

Day 4: White Night

Leggings: NYDJ @ Dillards
Sweater: WhiteHouse BlackMarket

Day 5: Once Upon A Necklace

Pants: LOFT - Wild Prairie Fluid Pants (on sale now!)
Shirt: LOFT Utility Blouse  
Necklace: Ana & Ava @ Dillards (see another way I wore this here)

Day 6: Menswear Maiden 
(and Day 2: Blazering a Trail)

Blazer: Target
Shirt: Dillard's 

**I wish I had more exact links, but I guess thats the problem with shopping your own closet**

#StyleMeNovember Challenge!

This Summer I found Hilary Rushford over at DeanStreet Society. She does these great style challenges to help you/me look in our closets and wear more of what we already own. I was going to do this challenge back in July, but didn't really keep up with it. I've watched several of her videos, follow her Instagram & Twitter, and participated in one of Hilary's live chats. Seriously, follow her. 

(She doesn't know I'm promoting her this much, but Hilary, lets be BBFs - Best Blogger Friends!) 

Won't you take this challenge with me? Start Today!

Stay Fashionate!