Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#StyleMeNovember Challenge (Days 10-12)

Day 10: Queen of Hearts 

For a girl born on Valentine's Day, one would think I would have a lot of 'heart' stuff, but I don't. So I drank my coffee all day from my birthday mug! But here is also what I wore on Monday :-) 

Shirt & Top Both from LOFT

This was also the day I finally got Southern Weddings Volume 7! How pretty is that cover! [Hint: the inside is just as gorgeous - you should go buy one :-)]

Day 11: Something Shimmers 

I was a little worried I'd look too much like I was ready for the holiday season, but the roomie J convinced me it was too holiday-y yet. 

Skirt: Gianni Bini 
Sweater: LOFT (way old)
Tights: LOFT (see previous post

Day 12: Sealed with a Kiss 

This one made me a little uncomfortable. I've had braces 3x and jaw surgery, so I'm a little self-concious about my teeth. But once I was through all of the braces' mess, I wanted to experiment with bolder lip colors. My spring/summer color is Clinique "Baby Buff" I've been wearing it off & on since the day I started wearing make-up the summer before my freshman year of high school. This color is Clinique's "Pink Truffle" and its just bold enough for me! I wear their "Grapefruit" lipgloss year round. 

Dress: LOFT (remember when I wore it to my first Polo match?!)
Heels: MK Michael Kors. These are my fave
I'm hesitant to recommend a similar pair in case they're not as comfy, but here ya go! 

**You will notice most of my clothes are from LOFT. I believe in their quality & they ALWAYS have a sale!

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