Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday

I didn't think I'd ever do a post with that as the title, but today is the perfect day for me to brag a little on one of my role models. Many years ago this lady was just a little over a year old when she became a big sister for the first time. She was already a little sister herself, but now she was the big sister. She never really cared for baby dolls and make believe, all about reality (didn't mean to make that rhyme).  

(quality family vacation)
Through high school she was the over-all best athlete, class president, and valedictorian, and she made her little sister proud. 

In 2006 she became a college cheerleader and made her little sister prouder.  An athlete and an athletic training major was too hard for many people to even be allowed to do, but 4 years later she graduated and was headed off to grad school. And her little sister was proud. 

During her time in grad school she got engaged! Her little sister couldn't have been more excited. 

(engagement party)
(I made her take this with me, haha) 
Three years ago, today, November 19th, she got married. And her little sister was the proudest she'd ever been. Seriously, she and her husband may want to re-live that day, but her little sister would do it all over again, too! (and their Mom!) 

(the day we got her dress! - Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta!)
(Wedding Day!! credit: Van Sullivan Photography)
She finished grad school, passed her boards, and took a job offer close to home. The little sister was thrilled. Years of being hours apart were over. 

This past April she told her little sister that she would soon be an aunt. Her little sister cried; she was way too excited. Over the summer she told her little sister that she was going to have a niece! Wait, no, a nephew!! 

(It's a Girl! No, its a Boy!!)

As this lady and her husband celebrate 3 years of marriage, they will be welcoming a son at any moment. Her little sister couldn't be excited and proud to watch her big sister become a mom. 

(at their best friends' wedding)
(best friends married best friends!)
 **also these 4 should be models or something**
Most have probably figured out by now that I'm talking about the most self-less person I know. My big sister, Amanda. Being her real life baby doll wasn't always 'fair' but I was always (and still am) well taken care of by her. 
(still one of my favorites) 

Moo & Austin, I can't wait to meet your little one! (who knows he could be here as soon as I post this). But I couldn't be more proud of y'all than I am. Love y'all so much!! 
-Little Sister, Oop. 

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