Saturday, December 27, 2014

#StyleMeNovember (Days 26-30)

Day 26 - Sporty Chic
This whole day was spent in the hospital with my new nephew. I wore my dad's old Ralph Lauren sweater and my favorite LOFT skinny jeans. Wet hair + no make-up completed this look, maybe nailed the sporty part, but lacking in chic. Didn't care really because look at that baby!

Day 27 - Grateful for this Feature

This day was spent with my family at my sister's house. Taking turns holding the baby and watching football. Grateful for time with my family!!

Day 28 - Scarf Smitten

This is the picture I posted on Instagram. Its from Accessory Jane. Its been in pre-sale for a while, but now that I'm getting around to posting this, its for sale! This scarf is all over the internet sold by so many, but for only $28, I think its a deal!!

Day 29 - Graceful in Grey 

Spent the day with my Daddy! We ate at our favorite breakfast place, Grits and Grocery. Its southern food with a New Orleans twist. Their praline bacon....ah-mazing! We then visited our family cemetery to spend a little time with Big Buddy. I miss him so very much. But how cute is this little church?

Day 30 - Instagram Crush 

I would have to say Hilary Rushford! She is the one who created this #stylemechallenge and I love her feed. Plus she's a stylist, entrepreneur, and a blogger. Pretty much who I aspire to be. 

#StyleMeNovember (Day 25)

Day 25: Girls in Pearls

I honestly don't remember what I was wearing at the beginning of the day. Work felt almost like a Friday because we were working all day Tuesday and then a half day Wednesday. Although I had just been home that weekend, I couldn't wait to spend Wednesday - Sunday at home and we were still waiting on my nephew to be born!
 I got the call at lunch that Baby Lyle was on his way!! My boss told me I could take my half day Wednesday off! (Praise the Lord for understanding bosses) 
After work I dashed home to throw everything in my car that I might need for the next several days. 

I told my roommates I was just going to point to my shirt if a cop pulled me over. Around 3pm my sister told us that the doctor gave her about 6 hours. I had 2.5 hours left of work, a commute to my house, pack my car, get gas & food, and a 3 hour drive to the hospital. I desperately wanted the baby to wait on me, but told myself not to be too disappointed if I was a little late to the arrival. 

In love with my nephew! 
I got to the hospital around 9:25, gathered my bags for the night, and made it upstairs a little after 9:30. I told everyone hello, snapped the selfie above, and then went to see my sister. Lyle was born at 9:51pm - I MADE IT!! Praise the Lord for His timing! 

What I Wore: My NYDJ leggings, Aunt shirt, cardigan from Target, Scarf from Francesca's, and flats from Payless. And my pearl earrings to complete this southern girl's look.

Monday, December 15, 2014

#StyleMeNovember (Days 22-24)

Day 22: All About Eyes

We had Thanksgiving with Momma's family this day. In the past few years my family has gotten more into skeet shooting. I am actually a pretty good shot, and you need your eyes for that so here are some skeet pictures. 
The Guys
Me & The Guys
Little Brother - Cameron, Older Sister - Amanda, and Big Brother - Clarke

But here are a few of my favorite eye products!
{most are Clinique!}
I use mostly Clinique because it works. The eyeshadows don't crease when used alone, but I try to use a touch base for eyes as well. It is a foundation for your eyes. I also color my eyebrows. Full post on my beauty routine coming soon! 

Day 23: Boots Made for Walking

I tend to not pay a lot for my shoes because I love shoes. I would rather have shoes for just about any outfit than to wear an outfit with shoes that just 'go' because I only have a few pairs. Does that make sense? Payless tends to be my place of choice to buy shoes, but I also check department store sale racks. These boots have been worn down to the nail, and will permanently become my field/shooting boots after I get new everyday boots. 

I'm really picky about my boots, so it is taking me a while to find a new pair. And I know this next pair may need to be a more quality pair. 

Day 24: Put a Belt on It

I own one belt. And I use it out of necessity and not out of decoration. I think back on when wearing big bulky belts at the waist was totally in (in middle/early high school) and I cringe. So I basically only wear a belt when necessary with jeans, or sometimes with a dress. 

This was what I wore on Day 12, and the belt was borrowed from J. 

**All photos are edited with Instagram & Squaready :-)

#StyleMeNovember (Days 19-21)

Day 19: Pattern Play

Top: Some random TJMaxx brand from 2 years ago.
Skirt & Tights: LOFT 
Flats: Payless 

Day 20: Denim Dame 

Shirt: Westbound ladies' brand from Dillard's 
(similar, but totally use what you have!)
Pants: CP Jeans from Dillard's Junior Department 
(check your local Dillard's - new colors all the time!)
Scarf: Forever 21 I think. 
(here's one from Charlotte Russe that I love, and its only $9.99!)

Day 21: Purple Reign

Earrings: Target 
I can't find these because I got them on sale. 
I haven't bought anything from these two websites, but I intend to when I start buying for myself again. 

Accessory Jane (I'm buying some Christmas Gifts from Liz!)