Saturday, December 27, 2014

#StyleMeNovember (Day 25)

Day 25: Girls in Pearls

I honestly don't remember what I was wearing at the beginning of the day. Work felt almost like a Friday because we were working all day Tuesday and then a half day Wednesday. Although I had just been home that weekend, I couldn't wait to spend Wednesday - Sunday at home and we were still waiting on my nephew to be born!
 I got the call at lunch that Baby Lyle was on his way!! My boss told me I could take my half day Wednesday off! (Praise the Lord for understanding bosses) 
After work I dashed home to throw everything in my car that I might need for the next several days. 

I told my roommates I was just going to point to my shirt if a cop pulled me over. Around 3pm my sister told us that the doctor gave her about 6 hours. I had 2.5 hours left of work, a commute to my house, pack my car, get gas & food, and a 3 hour drive to the hospital. I desperately wanted the baby to wait on me, but told myself not to be too disappointed if I was a little late to the arrival. 

In love with my nephew! 
I got to the hospital around 9:25, gathered my bags for the night, and made it upstairs a little after 9:30. I told everyone hello, snapped the selfie above, and then went to see my sister. Lyle was born at 9:51pm - I MADE IT!! Praise the Lord for His timing! 

What I Wore: My NYDJ leggings, Aunt shirt, cardigan from Target, Scarf from Francesca's, and flats from Payless. And my pearl earrings to complete this southern girl's look.

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