Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas in the Valley

I love Christmas time and the feeling of the holidays. This was my first Christmas {partially} away from home. I made it home on Christmas Adam {December 23}, but I love the days leading up to Christmas so much! 

Here's a little how we celebrated in the Valley! 

Picking out a real tree with E & J!

We then proceeded to spend a few hours taking pictures with our tree for our Christmas card. Thankfully E's bf was there to help put it in the stand and arrange our living room. But we did all the heavy lifting! 

It took a few days, but we finally got Frankie the Fir all ready for Christmas. 
No,  really. By the time we got Frankie in his stand, the room arranged, it was midnight and the pizza still hadn't arrive. That was on a Friday night. On Saturday we realized we didn't have any Christmas lights. Whoops! And then we realized that Target had slim pickin's. We mixed two different sizes {seen on pinterest} and I LOVED it. We also mixed gold and silver ornaments. It all turned out amazing!

We used some of Frankie's trimmings to make a little centerpiece in this red tray my mom bought me. 

A few presents under Frankie!

My Aunt Jackie makes the best gingerbread men and she gave me her recipe! Mmmmhhh so delicious. 
How cute did they turn out? Yes, I'm bragging, but these take a good bit of effort - very worth it!

Speaking of gingerbread men, here is the one J & I created with some friends at our Christmas party
Team Gingersnap: The Bad Astronauts

**With a live tree & gingerbread men, our house smelled so good this holiday season! 

I love getting dressed up for the holidays, but was a little nervous about my office Christmas party {all six offices together...lots of people I didn't know!} Thankful this guy
agreed to go with me.

This is my kind of Saturday morning! 
Homemade French toast, French press coffee, and a Frasier Fir. 

 So, another bragging moment. I made these stockings, and I love them. 
Absolutely love them. J, E, & I stuffed goodies into them for each other. 

*Its January 8th, and Frankie was just kicked to the curb. 

Christmas in the Valley was pretty perfect this year! I could do a repeat :-) 

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