Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Grace Tips >> Southern How-Tos (+ Tip #1)

The idea for this blog series on Grace Tips began one day while spending time with my grandmother, Manaw. Growing up her mother had this famous tea/punch that was her own signature 'dish'. Fridays after school the Shirley sisters would ask their mom if their friends could come over after the football game. Mimi of course said yes, and then would spend the afternoon and early evening making her famous "Yellow Tea." 

Mana makes a quicker + easier version of "Mimi's Yellow Tea" that she always keeps on hand for when her friends come over to visit. She also uses instant coffee + keeps an electric kettle close by for anyone who'd rather have something hot to drink. Manaw told me that you always need to be prepared for people to come "a' visitin'" - which people don't do that much anymore, and I wish we still did. 
*Side Note: Why don't we invite others over for coffee + dessert after dinner? Its easier than preparing a whole meal, and then serving coffee + dessert later. Did someone recently move into your neighborhood or building? Invite them over! You don't even have to have a clean house - just the kitchen + eating area*

You may notice at your family gatherings people have a certain dish they like to bring, or that you ask them specifically to bring. We definitely do in my family...

Potato Salad - Momma
Mac + Cheese - Aunt Sylvia 
Gingerbread Men - Aunt Jackie

The list goes on {I have a lot of aunts who can cook!!}

So what's my first Southern Graces Tip?

Grace Tip #1 >> Always be ready for visitors by having a go-to treat or drink
{and keep the coffee pot close by}

Do you have any go-to recipes you keep on hand? 
Leave them in the comments below + I may feature you in a future recipe post!! 

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