Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Grace Tip #2 - Decorating

My room is currently grey & white with deep purple accents and silver/mercury glass accessories. I love this color combination, and would love to do a dining room in the combo one day! 
But its spring time and I am ready for a change and want to bring in some bright colors.

A few Saturdays ago I went to Target & Home Goods to see what stood out to me. This is so dangerous, especially when tax refunds have been received & pay day is around the corner! 

I decided my new color would be a golden yellow. Wouldn't that just go perfect with grey, white and a touch of deep purple?

Here's what I came out with...

Polka dot sheets + basket are from Home Goods
The blanket in the back is from Target (I almost added some coral, but decided against)

I was so excited to wash these sheets and put them on the bed, but I had to make a deal with myself first. I wouldn't change anything in my room until it was spick-and-span (which would be a challenge, but with a great reward). On my weekly phone call with my grandma, Manaw, she told me something her mom always said.
So here it is -

Grace Tip #2 - "The first step to (re)decorating is cleaning" 

I am soo thankful she didn't pass that information along to my mom when I was growing up. I would have heard it over and over again.

My room has been clean + put back together, but I'll save those for another post!

Don't forget, 
Choose Joy! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Work Wardrobe

Harper's Bazaar posted an article last week by an art director who has chosen to basically wear the same thing every day for the past 3 years - black dress pants + white silk blouse, her work 'uniform' or wardrobe. Her reasoning behind this is that she was wasting a lot of time and energy in the morning picking out her outfit and then would later feel out of place with all the suits in the room - a two-fold reason. Think about it - men have several suits and mix it up with button down shirts, but they do wear the same thing pretty much everyday. a t-fold reason. 

I totally get her first point, and don't really have to deal with her second one with my job right now. I don't really enjoy wearing the traditional suit pant and I like being able to play with trends, colors, and patterns. I do have some outfits that I would consider for work only, but right now I can't afford two completely different wardrobes. 

My personal pros & cons...

Pro: Getting dressed in the morning becomes way easier
Con: having to afford work wardrobe and an off work wardrobe 

What do you think about having a"work wardrobe"? Do you think it would make your mornings easier? Leave your thoughts below! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Latest from Loft

I haven't gone shopping for myself since before Christmas. I was trying to wear more of what was already in my closet, and also, my wallet was complaining, haha. 

This year for Easter, my mom took my sister and I shopping! Here's exactly what I got from LOFT (I'm not affiliated in any way with LOFT, I just love how their clothes fit me!) 

I got a small. This is light weight enough to layer, but isn't too light weight to wear alone! 

At this point you know I love my utility blouses! I already have it in black & cream
Got this in the petal red {its really a coral color} & its 50% off online! 

I got these in a 6 regular. I believe the Marisa Fit is for the girl with curves, but they also come in Julie - the straighter fit! Make sure you try both fits on to see which one is best for you! 

I ended up getting these in an 8 petite {also Marisa Fit} because they didn't have them in a 6 Regular. 

**These pants have a little stretch in them. Keep that in mind when picking your size. I wore the Charmed pants yesterday, and didn't find them to be too stretched out at the end of the day. Also, make sure you sit down in pants when trying them on! 

Quick tip: Go up one size in petite from your 'regular' size if a store is out of your size. 

Now for the shorts! 
I love wearing shorts because I'd love to think my legs were great, but they are no where near where I want them to be. I tried several on a few weeks ago, vowing to only buy them once I got my legs more in shape. This hasn't happened yet, but the Easter Bunny {Mom} bought them for me! 
Thanks Mom!

These are all Riviera style - but make sure you try each one on because they are all different materials so you may need different sizes!

Striped Denim Riviera Shorts

Errands with J during the Day + Dinner with friends at Night 

How cute would these shorts be with my coral utility blouse or the floral lace shell?

My sister got these shorts (Dot Jacquard Riviera) & they are too cute!