Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Grace Tip #2 - Decorating

My room is currently grey & white with deep purple accents and silver/mercury glass accessories. I love this color combination, and would love to do a dining room in the combo one day! 
But its spring time and I am ready for a change and want to bring in some bright colors.

A few Saturdays ago I went to Target & Home Goods to see what stood out to me. This is so dangerous, especially when tax refunds have been received & pay day is around the corner! 

I decided my new color would be a golden yellow. Wouldn't that just go perfect with grey, white and a touch of deep purple?

Here's what I came out with...

Polka dot sheets + basket are from Home Goods
The blanket in the back is from Target (I almost added some coral, but decided against)

I was so excited to wash these sheets and put them on the bed, but I had to make a deal with myself first. I wouldn't change anything in my room until it was spick-and-span (which would be a challenge, but with a great reward). On my weekly phone call with my grandma, Manaw, she told me something her mom always said.
So here it is -

Grace Tip #2 - "The first step to (re)decorating is cleaning" 

I am soo thankful she didn't pass that information along to my mom when I was growing up. I would have heard it over and over again.

My room has been clean + put back together, but I'll save those for another post!

Don't forget, 
Choose Joy! 

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