Friday, April 10, 2015

Work Wardrobe

Harper's Bazaar posted an article last week by an art director who has chosen to basically wear the same thing every day for the past 3 years - black dress pants + white silk blouse, her work 'uniform' or wardrobe. Her reasoning behind this is that she was wasting a lot of time and energy in the morning picking out her outfit and then would later feel out of place with all the suits in the room - a two-fold reason. Think about it - men have several suits and mix it up with button down shirts, but they do wear the same thing pretty much everyday. a t-fold reason. 

I totally get her first point, and don't really have to deal with her second one with my job right now. I don't really enjoy wearing the traditional suit pant and I like being able to play with trends, colors, and patterns. I do have some outfits that I would consider for work only, but right now I can't afford two completely different wardrobes. 

My personal pros & cons...

Pro: Getting dressed in the morning becomes way easier
Con: having to afford work wardrobe and an off work wardrobe 

What do you think about having a"work wardrobe"? Do you think it would make your mornings easier? Leave your thoughts below! 

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