Friday, May 1, 2015

Giving Back: Fashion is More than Just Pretty Clothes

If you've been reading for a while, you know how much I love fashion! But what you may not know is that I've always struggled with feeling so superficial in my love of clothes. I dreamed of being the next Stacy London and really encouraging women that they have so much value and they are worth looking beautiful. But lets face it, not all fashion magazines encourage inner beauty as much as outer beauty. 

"She is clothed with Strength & Dignity, and she laughs without fear of the Future"
Proverbs 31:25

In middle school I was made aware of the dire situation of sex trafficking around the world through a connection at church. In college I came home one Sunday to actually hear the couple from Thailand speak! I have wanted to be involved somehow. We did an event in college to raise awareness for sex trafficking victims and partnered with several organizations in Georgia. But I still felt like I could've been more involved. 

Fast forward to last fall when I took a webinar with Hilary Rushford of Dean St Society. She casually mentioned volunteering at an event called RevealNYC where she helped give head-to-toe makeovers for women coming out of situations of abuse. I immediately contacted Hilary to ask for more details. In March I flew to NYC to be apart of this amazing event (sorry no photos due to the nature of it being a safe place). I got to be a host, which means I worked with 3 women all day as they got facials, manicures, new hair styles, and picked out clothes for a photo shoot! The first lady I worked with almost cried when she saw herself in the mirror! It was worth a quick trip to my favorite city to meet these ladies and work with such a great organization. 

As I was planning my trip to The City and as soon as the event was over, I kept telling myself that something similar needs to happen in Atlanta. There are so many women here who need to know that they are valuable, beautiful, and worth it. Enter Free Fab'rik. I met Rachel, who runs Free Fab'rik at a book club put on my Jenn Sprinkle of The {Well} Studio. I connected with Rachel on Instagram and decided to volunteer for their next Free Spree event (which was last night). Free Fab'rik is the charity sponsored by the Fab'rik stores and they go to different organizations to give women free shopping sprees! 

Y'all last night was so much fun! Again, no pictures, but these ladies have been through so much and it was great to give them some one-on-one attention and show them how valuable they are! I am hoping to be a part of more Free Sprees, or even work directly with the safe house where we were last night! 

Free Fab'rik has a great opportunity to renovate a food truck and use it to take the clothes from location to location. Today is the last day to donate. They are so close to their goal! I'm not pressuring anyone to donate money if you don't feel led to, but at least check it out. You can also donate your old clothes and know they are going to an amazing cause. 

Thanks for reading this lengthy post (without lots of pictures) and letting me share a little more of my hear with y'all! 

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