Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Josh + April - The Wedding Day

Today is the day! I'm excited to finally share Josh + April's Wedding Day!! If you haven't been following this series series click on over to read the beginning of their love story! 

1} When did y'all get married? 

We were married on Friday, July 27, 2012 in downtown Anderson, South Carolina.

2} You mentioned last week that the easiest part was choosing the venue, so where did you get married?

We chose The Bleckley Inn. Our reception was in the same place as our ceremony. 

 {It has great suites that were perfect for the bridal party + out of town guests!}

3} Any morning jitters?

I wouldn't say we were nervous, as much as we were just excited! We couldn't wait to start our life together.  

4} What was your favorite part of the day?

Josh's favorite moment was right after the ceremony. We walked into this little room and had about 30 seconds alone before everyone followed! I remember taking a deep breath and then he kissed me. We only had a few seconds to soak it all in, but those moments alone were so special! 

My favorite part was our last dance! We danced beside our friends and family to my parent's wedding song! It was such a special time to be surrounded by everyone we loved. I was so happy, and everything seemed like a fairy tale!

5} Where did y'all go on your honeymoon? Any advice?

We took the most amazing trip to Florida! My advice would be to not stress about the location. The first week as husband and wife is perfect wherever you are! Make sure to detach from the rest of the world and enjoy every second of your new husband! 

6} What advice would you give future brides? 

 ENJOY every second! It goes by so fast and you will want to remember it forever! Also try to remember that the wedding is just one day, and marriage is for life! Focus as much, if not more, of your energy on becoming the wife God wants you to be for your husband! Trust me you will both be thankful! 

Don't forget to check out April's blog + Instagram! :-) 

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