Monday, June 8, 2015

Josh + April Wynn - The Engagement

Wow! Thank y'all for joining in on this series! Click on over to see how Josh + April met + started dating. 

1} When did he propose?

Josh proposed on Christmas Day 2011 in my hometown - Anderson, South Carolina. 

2} Did you have any idea it was coming? Was he nervous or acting differently?

I had absolutely no idea it was coming! We had never really talked about marriage or looked at rings or anything. Josh was definitely antsy that day. I remember asking him several times what was wrong. 

3} Okay, so tell us how he proposed!!

He asked my mom to send us down the road to our barn to pick up a Christmas gift that she had accidentally "left" for my dad! When Josh + I got there, he went inside + asked me to wait for a minute. When I finally opened the door, the barn was decorated with candles + Christmas music was playing in the background. He made us some hot chocolate + then asked me if I would marry him!

4} What was the first thing you did right after?

The first thing I did was cry! I was in so much shock. I wanted to know how long he had been planning this! When I finally calmed down he asked me to pray with him. Then of course we started making phone calls! 

Here's the text I got from her! haha 
Don't worry, I have changed her name ;-) 

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