Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Alex + Brooke Griffin - The Engagement Story

Last week I got to introduce y'all to this fun couple - Alex + Brooke Griffin! This week you'll get to hear how they got engaged, and most of it will be told from Alex's perspective (which I'm excited about - I love hearing the guy's side of the story!) 

1} When did Alex propose?

Alex proposed on May 3, 2014 in Athens, Georgia. 

2} Did you have any idea it was coming?

I did know it was coming, but I didn't want to know. I had a henna tattoo on my left hand when I returned from North Africa + my mom asked if I thought it'd be gone by early May...so I had my suspicions. I think we were both nervous, but out of excitement - there was no way I would turn him down!

Here's how Alex tells the story ;-)

Brooke spent January - April 2014 with Cafe 1040 in North Africa. While Brooke was there, I had e-mailed her to ask if we could go to Athens one weekend after she was back so that she could see all her friends and just hang out for the weekend. The weekend finally arrived and I had made a comment a few days before about wanting to do a fancy dinner date as a sort of "Welcome back to America" dinner.

On that Saturday, I went to play golf with some friends while she spent the day socializing by the pool. Once 6 o'clock rolled around (I had told her that the reservations were at NONA at 6:15), I picked her up for our date, and hadn't seen her at all previously that day. We were on the way downtown for dinner when I got a disturbed look on my face (I'm a great actor!). She asked me what was wrong and I said, "I made the reservations online and the computer had messed up; do you mind if I call the restaurant to confirm?" I called the restaurant (but really called my sister) and asked when our reservation was- they told me 6:45- so I decided we would just park and walk around North Campus until our reservation time.

We parked the car and started to walk- but in a direction away from downtown, so I had to kind of jerk her the way I wanted. There was a row of hedges, and just on the other side was a table with some pictures of us, some flowers, and a Bible with her new married name on it and Ephesians 5:31 highlighted, which I had set up earlier in the day. She peeked her head over the hedges and thought (she told me later), "Oh that's cute-someone is getting engaged!" As we rounded the corner at the hedge, she saw the pictures of her and I on the table and finally realized what was happening.

We walked to the table and I told her how much I loved her (amongst some other things) and then asked her to marry me, which she said "Yes", of course. My sister had been behind a tree taking pictures of us, and then finally came out to greet us. Then we met our families at Porterhouse Grill for dinner- somewhat to Brooke's disappointment because she had been told the chocolate dessert at NONA was amazing and was looking forward to it- but I promised her we will be making a return trip to eat it!

Brooke, I hope you've made it back to NONA!! 
Next week, Brooke has a special treat for y'all, Readers + I can't wait to share it :-) 

Thanks for reading along with the #SGGLoveStories Series. If you, or anyone you know, would like to be featured - just contact me here

*photos by Andrea Griffin

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