Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Grace Tip #4 - Do you RSVP?

I have a confession - I am the worst at RSVPing for a wedding. Its a huge un-Southern-ladylike flaw.

Have you ever thrown a party and asked for a head count, and then tons of extra people showed up that you weren't prepared for? What about on the other end - showing up for a party that you forgot to RSVP for?

Even for tail-gating, getting a solid head count can be stressful.
 {anyone else ready for some SEC, or just College Football?!}

I really feel horrible when I forget to RSVP for a wedding. The bride's family {or however they have it set up} pays per head for the catering. A lot of caterers will keep a head count and then charge double for anyone over the original "final" number given!

I have 5 more weddings from now until Christmas + its my personal goal to RSVP BEFORE the due date. It will just make the bride's check list shorter + stress level lower if everyone RSVPs on time. 

Does anyone know what R.S.V.P actually stands for? {Hint: its French!}

“Répondez, s’il vous plaît,”  

or "respond, if you please". Emily Post is the queen of manners, so check out her RSVP etiquette guide.

Grace Tip #4: Always RSVP 

It's always best to RSVP in the way stated on the invite...unless you want to receive a text like this...

...and have to respond with "can I still come?"

Sorry Britt, but your wedding last weekend was beautiful! Thanks for letting me still attend ;-) 

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