Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life Lately: June

June was a busy month!

I launched a new series on the blog #SGGLoveStories June 1st + it has been so fun to see how many people are reading! If you, or someone you know, would love to be featured in this series, just fill out this form + I'll be in touch soon!

The first week of June will forever be a tough one. I lost one grandfather in June 3, 2008 + my other one the very next day last year. So its just not my favorite week. Launching the series that week + knowing I would be back home with my family all weekend definitely helped.

The first weekend in June was my friends' {Sarah + Jeff} wedding weekend!

{Quality time with my family}

{Rehearsal dinner} 

{One Stunning Bride}

{the best, best friend out there}

{if it takes a village, this is our tribe}

Want to know the way to my heart? Daisies, coffee + Brunch. The next weekend I had brunch with one of my favorite photographers + friend from college, Elissa!

        {Shrimp + Grits are a brunch MUST}      {Fluid shorts are great for a casual brunch} 

Freshen up last night's make-up, throw your hair up in a bun + you're all set for Saturday's brunch with friends!

{adult status?! J bought us a lawnmower!}

I've been wanting to eat at this restaurant in Atlanta since I moved here a {almost} a year ago. After playing tennis with friends, we just had to grab dessert here!

I attend Passion City Church here in Atlanta. They have a great women's ministry called The Grove. One Monday night we had a concert picnic in Piedmont Park! Pinterest picnic's were everywhere! So many women from across the city gathered together for a night of fun :-)

And then my favorite band showed up!! 
Drew Holcomb + the Neighbors 
Ellie Holcomb, Drew's wife!!

{such a great night!}

{even my cousin was there!}

The next 6 weekends are going to be full of weddings, showers, + babies. This sweet package from East West Design Co. contains some adorable invites you'll see on the blog after the event! 

  At this point, you should know how I feel about the Braves, so I'll use any excuse to go to a game!
The Red Sox {swoon} were in town, which meant I HAD to see them.
See the Braves are my one true love, but the Red Sox are...the good-looking older brother who will never notice you, and thats okay because you really love the brother that loves you back.
This is Turner Field. 
The Ted. 
It sits close to the original Fulton County Stadium + has a gorgeous sunset view of the city. The sad thing, as much as I love this view, my children will never see this little piece of heaven in person. 
The Ted will only be around for one more season after 2015 as the Braves move out of the heart of the city for the 2017 season. 

{funnel cakes + friends}

I got to help out at my first official wedding! I've helped some friends out along the way, but this was the first set up to tear down wedding. Michaela, of the Eventor, was the lead planner, so I just got to help out, still, I loved it! It was long + exhausting, but I woke up the next day with a huge smile on my face! I love working weddings!
{remind me of that in a few years when I'm burned out of weddings}

College friends came to town for dinner at Anticos! If you're in the Atlanta area, check this cute restaurant out!

Did you catch my post on my skin care routine

The last weekend in June was a relaxing one and it was so needed. I think for 3 weeks straight I had something every night and then the 2 weddings on the weekends. 

Friday night we went to UGA's Young Alumni Night at Sweetwater.
{graduation seems like forever ago}

Saturday started off with coffee in bed with J + our friend, Anna. I went to run one errand + came back to find them still in bed. 

Did I mention I love coffee?

{Sunday afternoon coffee}

Finished the weekend off with great friends, food, + a view!
{SixFeet Under}

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 STAY TUNED: a"What I'm Wearing Now" post is coming soon!

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