Monday, July 6, 2015

Love Story #2 - Alex + Brooke Griffin

Its Monday again and time for #SGGLoveStory #2. I met Brooke my sophomore year of college, her freshman year. This lady lights up every room with her smile and laughter. I can't think of one time I was around her that I wasn't laughing. 

Brooke, now that we're both back in the same city, let's hang out!! 

She titled this first picture "just so you know, we're funny!" 

Let's meet Alex + Brooke!

1} How did you + Alex meet?

Alex and I met our freshman year at UGA. I was going on a BYX 50's date night with a high school friend. Alex was also in BYX and we ended up riding together. This was not one of those love at first sight cases - Alex is so quiet and so we didn't speak more than two words to each other for the two hours we were in the car! As our college friend group grew, Alex and I became closer friends. Junior year he was my best guy friend and when I studied abroad in Africa, we emailed daily! Fast forward to Fall 2012 and we went on our first date.

{This was before they started dating // 
 Brooke is the lady with long blonde hair + Alex is the guy on the far right} 

2} Tell us about your first date.

{the cousin's wedding // how fun to have a picture from that first date!}
Our first "unofficial" date was a weekend in Augusta for his cousins wedding in early August of our senior year. Read: I met his ENTIRE extended family and spent the whole weekend with his immediate family! No pressure!! 

{haha, no pressure indeed! I'm not sure how I would've handed that!}

Our first real date took some planning. It was the beginning of the school year and I kept having conflicts. Finally he asked me to go to a late dinner after our respective chapter meetings on a Monday night. I was nervous all day long and finally 8:30 arrived and we went to East West Bistro in Athens, GA. Once we finished dinner, we walked around downtown Athens.

3} What is your funniest memory together?

You mean every minute ever?!? We consider ourselves pretty funny, so we're always laughing whether it's him making up a story to make me laugh or us imitating Ginger Zee on GMA in the mornings.

{Braves date night! // I love a couple who loves the Braves} 

4} What was your favorite date?

Alex surprised me with a nice dinner to Porter House Grill and then we saw Beauty and the Beast the Musical at the Classic Center in Athens. I love surprises, so I would list every surprise date as my favorite :)

Next week is their Engagement story, and this time you'll get mostly Alex's perspective on the day! I'm excited to share that with you next week!
Also, Alex + Brooke gave a special gift to their guests and she's sharing it with you in part number 3, so stay tuned!!
The first #SGGLoveStory featured my dear friend April and her husband Josh.
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