Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Love Story #3 - Ryan + Jackie Padilla

This next couple that I'll be introducing you to is very adventurous! They are embarking on a two-year travel nursing program that will take them all across America + maybe even over seas! I'm thankful they spent their first session here in Atlanta, so close to me! 

Ryan + Jackie 

1. How did you + your husband first meet?

Ryan + I met at a campus ministry when I was a sophomore in college. It was my first time visiting + we played a game that required one person to stand in the middle. When it was my turn to stand in the middle, I was mortified to hear someone yell out "FORE! Are we going golfing?!" He was making fun of my very fashionable argyle stockings + I was so embarrassed. After it was over, he came up to me + half apologized. I very confidently told him back "thanks for making my first time here so special." I'm pretty sure at that very moment, my sarcasm had won him over + he was secretly in love with me from that day forward. 

2. What/where was your first date?

Our first official date was a day in Savannah. Ryan + I were best friends long before we ever started dating (FIVE years long), so once we decided to be more than friends, we weren't sure how to act. We held hands as we drove into Savannah from my family's house (we were there over New Year's) + I had 45 minutes of pure bliss. Once there, we walked around enjoying the historic + beautiful city of the Georgia coastline. We ate lunch at a seafood joint + visited all the shops along the river. We then decided to take our first photo together as a couple, to make our relationship official on Facebook. I was giddy to announce to the world that we had finally figured it out! I smiled so much that day my cheeks were hurting once we got home. Here's our first "Facebook official" picture! CUTE FACT: Ryan has had this as his profile picture since that day!

{way to go Ryan!}

3. What is your funniest memory together?

I will never forget our wedding day. I told Ryan I didn't want to do the garter + that whole garter toss thing at our wedding so I didn't buy one. I thought the issue was settled but on our wedding day, while I was getting my hair done, someone shows up with a bottle of champagne + a garter wrapped around it. It wasn't the classy kind - it was red + black lace with a UGA emblem on it. I was not having it! In fact, I tried to leave it at the salon + pretend I had forgotten it in all of the madness. So, we get married + are at the reception when I get yanked into the bathroom by my sister. She forces me to put on that atrocious garter + shoves me back onto the dance floor. Ryan is waiting there in a chair + leads me to sit down. Then IT happened. The DJ played "I'm too Sexy" + my new husband put on the show of his life. He panther crawled, booty shaked, took off some clothes, + pretended he was a chippendales dancer all the way up to me. I was dying. Then he looked at me in his charming way, made me smile, + attempted to climb under my dress to retrieve the garter. Looking back on that moment, all I can do is laugh + be grateful I have such a fun man to do life with!

{I think this is one of my top memories from their wedding!!!}

4. What has been your favorite date?

Actually, I think one of my favorite dates just happened a couple of weeks ago. Since I'm such a planner, Ryan always enjoys taking the reigns + surprising me with fun dates. He told me to be ready by 6:30pm + then he took me to a fabulous dinner at a local restaurant called Going Coastal. It was a delicious meal (I had the swordfish which was AMAZING!) + we enjoyed it immensely! I love when I don't have to cook, so I felt special + loved. As we left he mentioned the night wasn't over + that's when I knew I was in for a treat. As we drove through downtown Atlanta, my mind was racing to figure out where we were going. I had no clue until we walked up to the ferris wheel AKA SkyView that looks out over Atlanta. We got in line + they gave us tickets as well as a box of chocolates. The sun had just set so we enjoyed views of the city as it got dark. It was purely magical + I love that he planned it. After that we walked around Centennial Park + talked about our future. :)

{I bet this view was gorgeous!!}

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