Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ryan + Jackie - The Engagement

I was laughing so hard when I finished reading Ryan + Jackie's engagement story! She text a group of us girls shortly after they got engaged + somehow I've never heard parts of this story. I really wish this was a video recording of these two {hmm, maybe that's a good idea for the future!} so y'all could get the full affect.
This was their Facebook Announcement 

Prepare to laugh...  :-)

1} When did Ryan propose?

Ryan proposed on August 1, 2012 in Athens, Georgia. I remember the day well because it was eight months to the day since we had begun dating. I had mentioned to Ryan that I needed to go to Athens one day after work to pick up a table and he offered to take off work and drive with me there from Augusta.

2} Did you know it was coming? Were either of you nervous?

I had no idea it was coming that day. This is apparent because I didn't have my nails painted, my hair was a curly mess and I was exhausted from working. We had dinner with one of my dearest friends and then Ryan asked me to drive downtown. The sun was setting and Ryan kept suggesting that we pull over and enjoy the views of the countryside. At one point he pulled into my old apartment complex and mentioned that we should hang out there and watch the sunset. I told him I had to use the bathroom so we kept on riding. (Looking back - poor Ryan had tried to propose to me and I kept messing up his plans!) Anyways, we parked in North Campus and started walking towards downtown Athens. As we were walking, Ryan said he would be right back and he went back to the truck. As he was walking back towards me, I noticed something small and round in the front pocket of his shirt! When it finally clicked that it was a RING (eek!) I totally freaked out. Ryan walked with me all around Athens for 45 minutes and I was a hot mess waiting for the moment to happen.

3} Okay, tell us the details!!

After 45 minutes of pure misery (I was so anxious and nervous), Ryan suggested we walk to the Arch and take a picture under it (a post grad tradition). I agreed but requested a quick stop at Starbucks first to get my nerves under control. I can remember looking in the mirror of the restroom at Starbucks and giving myself a pep talk! I tried to smooth down my crazy hair and calm my nerves. (Side Note- Ryan was apparently doing the same thing in the men's restroom!) Then we walked across the street and Ryan told me to pose under the arch for a photo. I wish I could say that I was poised and graceful in those moments leading up to the proposal but that would be a lie. I actually told him "let's go onto north campus" (into the dark...where no one would see us) and I left him standing in front of the arch. As I walked away, I heard him calling "Jackie Cadle come back!!" I finally turned around to see my sweet boyfriend on one knee under the arch waiting for me to come back. (I can't believe I'm telling this story! I'm just so embarrassed that I walked away!) As I walked back towards him he pulled out a ring box. (upside down haha). When I finally got there, he told me that I was a crazy woman but he loved and adored me and couldn't imagine living his life without me. I just melted and immediately told him to get up and kissed him. He looked at me and said- so will you marry me and I replied "Yes of course!" A couple of minutes later he said " want to see your ring?" In all the commotion I hadn't even noticed the ring he was holding!

{I can't believe she left him standing there! Jackieeeee!! But I definitely would've requested a stop by Starbucks to calm my nerves, check the mirror, and then grab a white mocha latte, of course!}

4} What was the first thing y'all after the proposal?

Well, we sat down and just soaked up the moment! Then we decided to call our families and let them know we were engaged. As we were walking back to the car, a couple approached us and asked if we had just gotten engaged. When I replied yes, they laughed and said they weren't sure because they only saw Ryan under the arch on one knee alone and there wasn't anyone there with him! And then we had an hour and half to drive home. I was just on cloud nine the whole time!

The comment by the by-standers is hilarious!! I can just picture Ryan on one knee under the arch all alone. What would y'all do if YOU saw something like that? I'd feel bad for the guy or assume maybe he was practicing?

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