Friday, August 28, 2015

Ryan + Jackie - The Planning Process

I hope y'all enjoyed Ryan + Jackie's Engagement story last week as much as I did! If not, stop, and read it now. You can thank me later :-) 

1} Did you already have your dream wedding planned?

Absolutely… NOT. You know it's funny, I had never really planned out what I wanted my wedding to be like. I think most girls have an advantage if they get married a little later because they have been to other weddings and know what they like! I had a major disadvantage for 2 reasons. 1. I was the first of my close friend group to tie the knot and 2. I had only ever been to beautiful HUGE expensive fancy weddings. I thought it would be so fun and easy until I started pricing everything and doing the budget!

Ryan + Jackie had a hoedown rehearsal dinner. 
Let me just state, Jackie's family knows how to throw a party! 

2} What was the hardest choice you had to make?

Actually the hardest choice was the date. Ryan was still in school and we just didn't want to wait to get married. When we first got engaged, we planned to get married the following April. Once we realized just how long away that was- we decided to move it up to Christmas Break/New Year's Eve. (4 months from when we got engaged!) I wanted a New Year's Eve party so badly but again- the budget came into play and quickly broke me of that dream!

Love this photo of Ryan + Jackie praying over their marriage with friends + family at rehearsal dinner

3} What was the easiest choice?

My easiest choices were the cake, flowers and beverages. We had a family friend who owns a bakery and our cake tasted delicious (even a year later when we ate the top layer!). The flowers were a breeze because my cousin (who is a FABULOUS floral designer and inspired me to become one myself) creates GORGEOUS designs. Ryan chimed in on this one and said beverages were the easiest decision. We chose to serve Cider because it was our favorite drink.

So gorgeous!! 

4} What was your favorite part of planning your wedding?

Being finished. I know that's a terrible answer but I really was so glad when it was all over and we got to enjoy the reception. I love planning other people's weddings and designing flowers for them but my own wedding was a diplomatic maze of decisions, family preferences and working within the budget was always challenging. Overall, it was only 4 months of planning and maybe that is why I didn't enjoy it very much. Maybe if we would have had a 12 month engagement it would have been more enjoyable. I think my dad was happy it was over too. Here's his favorite picture from the night.

Love this photo!

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