Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Matt + Abbey - The Planning Process

Abbey took a year to plan her wedding which allowed her to make sure everything was just perfect for their wedding day. Today, she's sharing the hardest, easiest + best parts of planning! Missed how Matt + Abbey met or how he proposed? Catch up here

{what a gorgeous Fall shoot!}

1} Did you have your dream wedding already planned?

I have a two fold answer on this one. No, I'm not one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding her entire life. I didn't decide on a color scheme when I was four and keep making slight tweaks to it until engagement hit! However, since I knew after our first date that Matt and I would be getting married, I started taking advantage of Pinterest a few years ago to try to figure out what a wedding might look like. As time went along, I started being more intentional about planning, saving and purchasing a little bit along the way to try to be as wise as possible with decisions I made for the wedding. I ended up choosing a neutral color theme for the wedding, which paved the way to use a lot of greenery, wood, lanterns and family antiques in our decor.

{I love this because in Abbey's first post she mentions one of her favorite dates!}

2} What was the hardest choice you made while planning?

Clothing for the bridesmaids and groomsmen was probably the toughest choice! I decided to go with the neutral color palette for the wedding (Matt calls me the color killer, jokingly of course!?) because I thought it would be easy to just mix things in. Turns out, making neutrals match is harder than it looks! It was also important to me to find a bridesmaids dress that both fit the color scheme and looked great on all of my girls. My poor, sweet friends tried on dress after dress, and I'm so happy with what we ended up with! I think it ended up being a great dress that was flattering on everyone

3} What was the easiest?

The groom! Haha, I guess that one's a given! The second easiest choice was probably where to have it. Thought I hadn't dreamed of my wedding my entire life, I always knew for sure that I would get married at my home church. I'm a pretty nostalgic person, so having it there was pretty special to me. While weddings are fun celebrations, they are also a place of serious commitment and reverence, so I never imagined getting married anywhere besides a church. It didn't hurt that they had recently redone my home church's sanctuary with a beautiful neutral theme! Score! This ended up being so beautiful in the long run, when we decorated the church with greenery, candles, lanterns and wood pieces. Everything about the ceremony turned out to be absolutely perfect!

4} What made planning so special to you?

You've heard the phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child"? Well, with our wedding, I would say that our "village" really stepped in and helped make things happen. I really loved all the time I got to spend with my mom working on things to prepare for the wedding. We had a lot of people at our wedding and a pretty strict budget, so it was important to make really wise decisions with anything from decor, to flowers, to accessories. We had a lot of fun Goodwill hunting and bargain shopping over the course of the year that Matt & I were engaged! My dad and brother were also such troopers throughout the wedding planning process; wedding decor literally took over our entire house for a whole year! There are also so many people who spent time with us doing a variety of different things, from helping us prepare for married life, to crafting with us, to directing choirs for the wedding, to helping us decorate, to coordinating the entire event. I am forever indebted to so many kind people who pitched in to make our wedding day so special. I could never say thank you enough to Codie Haddon, Charles Nelson, Kellie Paige, Tony Martin, Brian McCollum, Denise Cornett, Chris McMahon, my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins, and so many more people who gave so graciously of their time, resources and energy. My heart swells with gratitude just thinking about it!

These photos by Callie Murray of Achor & Eden are so beautiful. Today I'm just linking to their main page, and next week I'll link to the wedding album! 

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