Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Goals

Did you see the teaser for this post on my Facebook page last night? No, well follow me on Facebook to keep up with these little updates!

One blogger I follow, The Mix and Match Mama, writes a post each month about her goals for that month, and then she reviews them at the end to see if she's met them. 

So I've decided to join in with my September goals! 

Ready, Set, Goals...
{how cute is this notepad my Mama got me?! Perfect for this time of year!}

1} Turn Maxine the Mac off at 9:30p

-this will allow me to get in bed earlier, lay out clothes the night before, pack my many things I want to do

2} Read 2 New Books

-I keep trying to read Pride & Prejudice so I promise to finish it this month!
-the other book I plan on reading is over on my Instagram

3} Run/walk 2-3x a week

-I just need to exercise a lot more, so I'm starting out a little at a time

4} Set + implement a real personal budget, not just in my head

-Y'all Christmas is coming, and its better to save up now than to go into debt later!

5} Get back to memorizing Scripture

-You may have noticed that I haven't posted at all for my Scripture Journey in months. Its time to start that up again!

6} Attend or tailgate one UGA game

-Football season is here!! Tomorrow I am starting #SGGTailgateThursdays. I'll be sharing a few quick + easy recipes, plus some favorite tailgating memories. Want to be a part of next week's #SGGTailgateThursdays? Click here to fill out this form !

7}Enjoy vacation!

I'm taking a vacation for the first time in over a year next week! Not from blogging, but from work. I couldn't be more excited :-) 

So there they are! They shouldn't be too complicated, but with my past record, they should be challenging enough for me! 

Do you have any new goals for the month?

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