Friday, October 2, 2015

His Story, My Story, Our Story

For a while now, I've been debating writing a post on singleness + how I'm dealing with it. I had been leaning more towards not writing one because there are just so many out there, and doesn't it always seem that the ones writing it get into a relationship shortly after? What if that was me + you thought "well there goes that"? or what if that wasn't me, and I made it seem that singleness was super cool + blissful when I never felt that way? I didn't want to be seen as someone who portrays singleness as something easy, when in a reality, it is something I struggle with every. single. day. 

But then it just seemed that Lord kept putting things in my life that encouraged me to share with y'all.

The first time I started writing it, I was listening to a podcast on how to be authentic online while journaling about my personal struggles with being single. {I know, why do I keep telling love stories each month?? Because I love telling them!} I found myself about a week ago, asking my mom + sister for specific prayer on singleness. My sister reminded me that yes, wanting a relationship/husband is a good thing + that I shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting it, nor should I “give the devil that opportunity to ruin this journey [I am] on with God.” Mom’s guidance was that I “have a choice as to how the desires controls [me].” How grateful I am for my Mom + big sister! They know how to speak truth into my life in the best way possible.

Then this week at community group we talked about being vulnerable IN our weaknesses, not after we’ve come out to the other side. Y’ALL. How true is that? We struggle on our own, only to present a perfect picture once we’ve overcome our struggle. How much better would it be if we shared throughout the journey instead of at the end? I told my group, that He's written this story of singleness at 25 just for me + maybe it is time to share my struggles a little more vocally, because you never know who it could help. 

The other "sign" He's been giving me has been through the First5App. I've been following along with the First5App for a while and are now going through Genesis.  Here are a few quotes regarding the Biblical accounts of life of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Esau + Jacob that really encouraged me to share with y'all. I could go on + on about how these messages have affected my life this week, and maybe that will be in the second post, but here's a quick reference.

They talked about how Sarah tried to solve something she saw as a problem in her own way, but it didn't go over so well + she immediately regretted the decision. 
{how often do I try to work situations to my benefit?}

Then God asked Abraham to sacrifice what he loved, growing his faith during hard times. 
{but what if it never happens...?}

This was the devotion the night after my Community Group. It really hit home because I had just told the girls that He's written this story just for me. 
{at this point, I knew I had to write the post. This is His Story for me, My Story, Our Story}

Today's devotion was on how Esau gave up the end goal for a quick fix.
{Ladies, we can't do this with our relationships}

My next post will be more on how I'm actually dealing with singleness, but I wanted y'all to see where I was coming from first. Ladies, its not easy + I struggle all the time. I mentioned authenticity + social media at the beginning; I've read blogs + watched webinars on how to have the perfect instagram. But what about a real instagram? I want to show what my life is really about. It may included a filtered photo of food, or a fun photo with my girls or my family, but I never want you to think my life is perfect or that everything is easy. So as I start + finish my singleness story I'll let you in on a little secret. 

I'm sitting at home alone on a Friday night, eating dinner with a glass of wine, while catching up on my tv shows... 

...wearing socks with my lime green slippers. 

Although not glamorous, it feels pretty good. 
Oh, one of my roommates is home!! YAY, people!!!!


If you are struggling in this area or with anything, please feel free to reach out to me! I'd love to chat with you -

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