Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Glamping Baby Shower

I first need to apologize for the formatting - I'm typing this on my iPad due to horrible wifi. So right now this will be a lot of photos!! 

I can't believe my nephew is almost one! Where has time gone? Originally we thought he was going to be a girl & my ideas for a shower ran wild. But then we found out he was actually a he so I had to change plans....a little. My sister is super outdoorsy and active + I love the idea of glamping which gave me this idea! For food my momma suggested fondue since it has the feel of "roasting" without needing a fire - my mom has the best ideas!! She also helped make my doodles a reality as far as decorations & then dad did all the manual labor #familyteamwork 



Mom bought these great burlap table cloths! 

Thanks Dad for setting this up!

I absolutely loved how this turned out!! Several cousins came to help + I couldn't have done it without them - thanks Courtney, Mel, + Palmer!!

This Saturday my sister is throwing Lyle a camping party + it's going to be so cute! Haha no more glamping for us! 

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