Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ways to Give Back This Season

Last week I wrote about  being Thankful while our world is going through so much. Today I'm sharing a few different organizations that you can donate to and can give you some ideas for other types of ways to get involved.

1. Operation Christmas Child 
This is a pretty traditional Christmas opportunity, but it is so much fun to do! I love imagining the faces of the little kids when they get all the boxes. How fun would it be to actually go and deliver them?! Maybe that should be a 2016 Goal? You can also volunteer at one of the centers to make sure all the boxes are packed properly. Check out their whole website for videos and stories.

2. Sole Hope
I hear about this one through a podcast recently (although I think it was recorded earlier this year).  This is a company (and family) based in Uganda that helps put shoes on the feet of the community. They also help rid the people of these little annoying bugs called jiggers. The community didn't realize how easy it was to rid their feet of these bugs, but now they do! Here's how you can get involved - have a shoe cutting party! They will send you patterns, and you and your family or group of girlfriends can help cut fabric for the shoes these people will wear. You can even do it while watching your favorite TV shows, or Hallmark Christmas movie marathons :-)

3. City of Refuge (Atlanta)
This is a really cool place in Atlanta that offers so many different services to those in need. Click here to see all the programs they offer at their facilities. I've volunteered with them before and they can always use the help, so if you can't donate money, donate your time. If you're not in Atlanta, look for places similar in your area where you can donate your time.

4. The A21 Campaign
This one is a bit more on the somber side. The A21 Campaign is led by Christine Caine and their purpose is to rescue women from sex trafficking. They are also currently on the front lines of the Refugee Crisis and are offering hope to those who are forced to flee their homeland. There are several ways you can get involved with this organization. I might even start one of their fundraiser campaigns for SGG readers. Would you want to be a part of it? (email >

Here are some other simple things you can do to bring cheer this Christmas.
1. Get a group together and go Christmas Caroling around your city, or to a children's or nursing home.
2. Buy Starbucks (or any drive-through) for the people behind you.
3. Pass out candy-canes to the people in the drive through or those working the registers at your favorite grocery/department stores (My mom does this and they love it!) Customers can get a bit rude this time of year, so its fun to make them smile.
4. Babysit for couples you know to give them time to Christmas shop without the kids.

I hope you'll consider one of these organizations this Christmas, or some that are closer to your heart and home.

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