Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Singles' Guide to Surviving Christmas + New Year

I am so sorry that I've been quiet on all accounts lately. My computer was on overload, and the great people at the Genius Bar helped me to fix it. But then when it was time for me to do my part....I crashed it. It actually says the word 'PANIC' a few times on the start-up screen. So there's that. Genius Bar appointments are hard to come by this time of year, so hopefully after 6:30p tonight, I'll know the outcome for Maxine. 


Thanksgiving passed with only one family member asking about my dating life (thanks Uncle G), and mainly because I was teasing his kids about theirs. But now we're into Christmas parties + New Year's Eve plans, right? It's that time of year when you realize, even more so than on Feb 14th, how single you really are. So what's our response? 

It all goes back to attitude + outlook. 

I remember one year I really didn't want to go home to Christmas Carol because everyone was bringing their boyfriend/fiance. I had never missed Christmas Caroling (this year will be 24th year + I am so sad to have missed it this year!) before + Mom thought I was being a bit dramatic, which I probably was, but I didn't care at the time. I decided to go home to carol + guess what. Not one boyfriend/fiance was able to come that year. What? That was the Lord being super gracious to my lonely heart because He knows me so well! Sorry to all my friends whose loved one couldn't make it that year..oops! 

Here's just a few steps to enjoy the holidays as a single gal..or guy

1. Spend time in prayer, opening your heart + desires to the Lord. He knows you better than anyone + wants to know what's on your heart this season. 
2. Recognize the events that might make you feel sad or lonely + get a mani/pedi before!

3. Start a new tradition with just the girls - cookie swap, pajama / movie party, look at Christmas lights, shop for a needy family (the list could go on). 

4. Embrace the fact that you don't have to add in one more office party, one more family gathering into your holiday plans. :-)

I hope these help! It will always be a tricky time of year for us singles, and don't get me started on Valentine's Day! (jk, that's my birthday - so that's my excuse to celebrate!)

Any special Christmas traditions? Share below!
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