Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A ChiTown Wedding + New Year

Starting off, I can't believe the number of people who read my little blog. I'm seriously blown away! So thank you! My birthday is coming up, so stay tuned for a little birthday surprise! 


I have a great aunt who is more like a grandmother, so much that we call her GranMary instead of Aunt Mary. She's my mom's dad's sister + she lives in Chicago. GranMary is the lady behind the Christian Working Woman. Anyway, back in September she called to let us know that she was getting MARRIED! Although it was a shock to us all, we couldn't wait to celebrate in Chicago over New Year's! Two of my mom's brothers + most of their families joined us. We wished everyone was there, but it was a great trip! 

So here's a montage of photos from out trip. 

Do I love that my hat matches my suitcase? Yes, yes I do! 

I cut my hair the night before. It's super short! 

Little bro takes up so much room...
Please notice the guy with pilot stripes..not flying the plane

Best uncle award? Maybe.

This little guy was such trooper, but he'd had his fill of traveling. 

Ah, a midnight stroll through the city!! 

GranMary + Rex!

All day, everyday!! 

Curling short hair is a lot different than curling my long hair. 

How gorgeous is this church?! 
They got married at Moody Bible Church. 

They're Married!!

Almost a Stiles! The next wedding will be in May at the beach!! 

This is what I wanted to wear on NYE. But it was way to cold even for these layers. 

We all stuck our hands in Lake Michigan..not our brightest or warmest idea. 

Fireworks from ChiTownRising

Amanda + Austin                                Hunter + Mary Beth

Happy New Year!!!

Site-seeing day

When at the Bean....

Our family had 3 weddings in 2015..they were the first of the year! 

The original Stiles 4! We waited 15 years for another girl, Maddie - 11 boys + 5 girls, we were severely out-numbered. With 4 in-laws, we're catching up slowly!


All I wanted was to get close to Wrigley...for the second time in my life, this was the closest I could get..and the Marquee wasn't even up. :-( 

Next time, Chicago, Next Time! 

Sheer Exhaustion.

My mom's college BFF happened to be staying one block away. 
WHAT?! Late night rendezvous had to happen. 

He's more like a little brother, than a cousin. 

A week with this one makes me miss him so much more! 
I was made for #auntlife

snap cred: Little bro.
*Lyle loved pulling his suitcase just like us big kids! It was the cutest thing!! 

We had to stop by a suit store on the way home, this was how Dad felt
"I feel like I'm on 'Say Yes to the Suit' " (hey, TLC, a new spin-off perhaps?!)

Thanks for sticking around + viewing these snapshots of our trip to Chicago!
I have a feeling I'll be heading back more frequently. 


  1. Chicago!!! Such a beautiful city! So glad you got to spend New Years there with the whole family! Hopefully you can come back and visit in the summer!!

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