Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Fun!

I love Christmas for several reasons. 

First, its a celebration of my Savior's birth! Without Jesus becoming a human, and then giving His life for mine, there would be no reason to celebrate. I should celebrate what He's done for me all throughout the year, but its always fun to have this special time of year! 

Another reason I love this time of year is because of family, friends + traditions.
It seems silly, but I love Christmas Adam {its the day before Christmas Eve}! I really start to feel the Christmas spirit take over + just gets me all giddy! 

We have a decades long tradition of going to Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve with some family friends. Here's the group of us this year! Look at all the babies! And there's two more on the way for next year! 

We haven't had a full family photo in a while, and I just love this one! 

So my aunt has this extenda-fork that she brings out around the holidays. I love it + think its just the most fun thing ever. This year, she sent this to me for this breakfast. Trust me, it comes in handy! 

I love Sarah + the heart she has for ministry. We were celebrating being the only two 'non-mommies' at breakfast + her first married Christmas!! 

Ahh, I just love these three. 

He's getting a little too active to want to take cute pictures with his aunt, but I still make him. 

I also love this pup so much. His name is Herschel {Walker}, because you know, Go Dawgs!! 

I love coffee + was so excited to use my new 'hello, sunshine' mug with my aunt's new espresso machine! 

Its Stiles family tradition to go bowling whenever we can. This year I was just a few pins away from beating my daddy for this first time ever. It was almost a big moment for us, but he's still got the skills. 

The lunch crew. 

And my parents bought this bear rug. So, Merry Christmas! 

So quick story. My mom loves Christmas the most. She decorates like crazy. There was a store in town going out of business + they had a sleigh outside for sale. Mom wanted it + Dad got his bear, so Mom got her sleigh. And then she made us take family photos. 

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