Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello, Sweet {TWENTY}16!

It feels so good to be sitting behind a working computer again! The time away was unexpected but definitely needed. Being silent has allowed me time to think of how + where I want this blog to go in 2016. 
{Love this little photo from my friend, Katie.}

I'd love to stay as consistent as possible with my posts this year + include a few more new series. Looking over past posts, I can see what y'all loved + didn't love, so I want to post more of what you'd love to read.  This Saturday, I'm planning to sit down to write + prep several of the next posts so they're all ready to go! 

The Love Stories series was a HUGE hit! I'd love to continue them, so if you'd love to share your story please fill out this quick survey! If you haven't already heard, I've started a wedding planning company called "My Bridal Bestie" + I'll begin posting the Love Stories on that site as well.
I'm running a little New Year's special on my packages, so if you or anyone you know needs a wedding planner, send them my way!

Last year, I focused a lot on God's Truth + what I knew to believe was true regardless of how I felt. This year I want to focus on being Restful & Rooted. I've joined a mentorship at my church + the main topic is being "Rooted" in His Word. I'm excited to dive into being Rooted in Truth + to continue last year's theme into this year. As far as being restful goes, I know it is so important for someone like me (who typically fills every moment on the calendar by saying yes to everything) to learn to say no (even now I'm agreeing to lead an online book club for small entrepreneurs...I know, right?!).  I can seriously say yes to so many things that I never have a night at home. 

My biggest personal goal for 2016 is to keep on track with my daily quiet times + devotions. I'd love to do them in the morning before my roommates wake up, which means going to bed earlier + that means saying no to more things. 
{photo credit: the FaithGateway 'Dare to Rest' Challenge}

Currently I'm reading a few books on these topics - "The Best Yes" by Lisa Terkeurst, "Anything" by Jennie Allen, and "A Place of Quiet Rest" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. All of these books can be found on Amazon. 

There's what I'm up to! 

What are your 2016 goals??


  1. That's my goal of 2016 as well Ms. Allie :) love you and your heart. So proud of the woman you are striving to become!

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