Thursday, May 5, 2016

Derby Day 2016

One of my most favorite days is almost here! 

The 142nd Kentucky Derby will occur on Saturday, May 7th. I can't tell you the last time I missed watching this, but unfortunately this year, I won't be around a tv when it starts.

If you aren't familiar with the Derby, I want to give you a quick run down of what all the Derby entails & info I learned when I visited the track one summer. 

1. The Kentucky Derby is the most prestigious horse race, and is the first in a 3 race series dubbed 
"The Triple Crown". 

2. The other two are the Belmont and the Preakness

3. LAST YEAR!! - We had a Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah! I never thought I'd see one in my day. Okay, maybe one day. There had not been a Triple Crown Winner since 1978. 

4. Its always the first Saturday in May at the historic "Churchill Downs" or "Between the Spires".

5. It is a very fashionable event (see my picks below!)

6. Everyone sings "My Ole Kentucky Home" and drinks Mint Juleps. 

7. The winner gets a "Garland of Roses" for the horse. 

8. Horse riders are called jockeys. 

9. The purse or winnings for the Derby are actually not the highest in the world, but according to the tour we took, that doesn't really matter. If you win the largest purse at some other race, but never have a horse in the, congrats on winning lots of money...? 

10. Placing bets at the Derby is almost a rule, not just an option.

11. Coverage starts around 12p EST with all the back stories, which to me is just as fascinating as the 2 minute-ish race that happens later in the afternoon. Watching those horses run is beautiful. 

Now for a few dresses I recommend for your Derby party
A few from my favorite - LOFT, and some from a new love - Dress Up. 
(None of these are affiliate links)

1. Jardin Henley (LOFT)

2. Ladder Lace (LOFT)

3. Eyelet Stripe (LOFT)

4. Desert Island Dress (Dress Up) 

5. Modest Magnolia (Dress Up)

6. Magnolia Blossoms (Dress Up) 

7. Floral Romance (Dress Up)

8. Bow the Distance - Magenta (Dress Up)

9. Southern Summer (Dress Up)

I could go on and on with everything I know about the Derby, Churchill Downs, and the amazing history behind it all. But I recommend tuning in on Saturday and you'll get enough information from the experts.