Friday, May 27, 2016

Updates and Confessions

Heyyy...*waving awkwardly to the old acquaintances that I haven't seen in a while*

Where to start? An apology - I just check the page views and am still blown away by the viewers of this blog when I haven't even updated. So to you, I apologize for leaving you for a little bit. And I thank you for sticking around!

This post could get long, but if it does, I'll try to separate it into a few posts!

My day job has been a bit overwhelming the past few months. I've had some supervisors transfer out and a partial promotion which makes a lot more work but also has been majorly growing me and testing me. Discontentment at work can allow for discontentment to creep in to our/my life in other ways or we can choose to flip it around and allow it to teach us...for many weeks I chose to remain frustrated and discontent with things. Which leads to grumbling and complaining. (more on this in another post!)

Most of you know that last year I decided to start a wedding planning business - My Bridal Bestie. I spent months learning how to grow an online business, plan marketing strategies for social media, and learned all about starting a business. Most of what I learned I wanted to implement for my own business, but I've been able to use it to help the real estate agents I work with. I had always heard that if you wanted to start a blog or a business start with this - "what are others always asking you about?". Well, last year it was about weddings - now it's about social media for RE and other small businesses. At first I was hesitant because MBB seemed to be still in the start-up business, so how could I really be acting as a sort of expert?

Well, I don't know, but now I'm changing my game up. It was hard to start another business or hobby when the first one seemed to fail, but that's one thing I'm learning...sometimes we start and we stop, we change directions, or we restart on the same path. And y'all - That's okay. I am doing nothing that I thought I would be doing 4 years ago when I graduated college or 4 years before that when I graduated high school...and that's okay. For years, I wouldn't let myself believe that or rest in that. But I'm learning this..."I will hold myself to a standard of Grace not perfection" {Emily Ley}

I'll share a bit more about what I'm doing in my spare time (other than Braves games and working for BHLDN - a beautiful wedding dress store) when I am ready to announce this next venture.

But please remember, nothing we do has to be a lifelong job...His plan for us may not look like we hoped it would or assumed it would, but He will always be there to help guide us and teach us and give us a better attitude about the situation (another thing I'm learning!).

If any of this resonates with you, I'd love to hear about it! Comment below or email me directly


  1. The manager was prompt to respond to any question I had, patient with all my bridal anxiety, and most importantly, the entire wedding was managed flawlessly (as was our rehearsal). The food at DC wedding venues was amazing, and the venue was gorgeous.

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