"I should have named you Scarlett O'Hara" was a phrase I heard a lot as a child, and I had no idea what it meant. I later learned it was because I was a bit of drama queen who was always 'making mountains out of mole hills.' When I figured that out, I, of course, took offense - just like Scarlett would have, obviously. 

It wasn't until college, majoring in Southern Women's history, that Momma decided it was high-time I read Gone With the Wind. How I made it out of high school in South Carolina without reading it is way beyond me. Once I read the book, I was proud to be similar to Scarlett. Yes, she had a flare for the dramatic, and loved all things fancy, but when it came down to the mess of life, she had that Grit I believe every Southern lady has deep inside of her. 

About a year ago I sat down with Momma as she interviewed Daddy's mom (Manaw) and her BFFs. What I learned from those ladies in 2 hours made me want more. I had interviewed Manaw several times over the years, for Grandparents' Day and a history project, but I wanted to know more about days gone by. The graces and manners of Southern women from long ago. 

I feel as though the charm and grace of the quintessential Southern lady has been discarded to the back room, hidden like Victorian furniture under drape cloths. 

Family stories and recipes passed down from generation to generation.

 Ladylike fashion encouraging beauty and acceptance.

Faith in God that creates the most precious inward beauty.

My hope for this place is to unveil and reveal the true grit + graces of the Southern Lady.

Also, I love grits - the food. I love them with shrimp, with butter, with cheese, with bacon, with eggs...mhhhh!

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