Why It Is Called 'Valley Life'

In August of 2014 I moved 2 hours south of home to Atlanta, Georgia. The whole process was one that should've been exciting for me, but it was actually scarier than I ever imagined. More to come on that journey.

I started using the hashtag #ValleyLife on my personal Instagram + Twitter when posting about my new life, because 'Valley' is part of my new address. What I didn't realize was that God was going to use that simple little social media tool to change my life. 

Growing up in church, I was taught about the mountain top experiences and valleys of life. Mountain tops can be a mission trip, a weekend conference, a budding relationship, any thing that seems 'great' and can even make us feel closer to God. Then we are warned about the valleys - "now, after this weekend, you are going back to home, to the valleys, but you can still strive to live a mountain top life." It always seemed as though valleys were negative times in our lives

But what if we're called to a period of valley dwelling? I'm not necessarily talking about the 'valley of the shadow of death' in Psalm 23. But valleys that have lush green lands due to a river running through the heart of it. We become dissatisfied with our life when we only seek out God in a place where we are not. If we're on the mountain top - seek Him there. If we are in the valley - He is there also.

In my opinion, its time to stop seeing valleys as deserts. Sometimes they can be the most fertile land around, and the mountains are dry, and dangerous. Other times, it is the opposite, the mountain tops are great, better than imagined, and the valley is dry and dreary. 

What I'm learning along the way can typically be summed up by sayings like:- "Live Where You are Planted"- "Live in the Present"-"Make the most of Now"

You get my point. Sometimes its easier said than done, right? We want to live where someone else is planted. (I definitely have a story on this) We want that mountain top experience we had ages ago. So this #ValleyLife is my attempt to seek God right where I am - through the highs and lots of lows. I'll post about what's happening in my life generally and spiritually all combined. I'm going to be pretty transparent here, but I hope it encourages your own journey with Him.

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